Roger Christie at Home

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The Dalai Lama blows-it … AGAIN. :-O

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@@@ Hello out there, Aloha. I’m sorry to be critical of another human being who devotes his life to world peace, but when the Dalai Lama, one of the most respected religious leaders of the century makes obvious and repeated errors of judgment about Cannabis and slanders our holy sacrament I feel the need to […]

Obama CAN ‘change the scheduling for marijuana’

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I just saw Obama’s tv interview with Jake Tapper on CNN. Obama DID say that “marijuana should be treated as a PUBLIC HEALTH PROBLEM”; that’s a BIG change in the un-official ‘classification’! The inference is that it should NOT be treated as a CRIME. 😀 Obama then made the false statement that he ‘can’t change […]

A Gift from the Gods: The History of Cannabis

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God bless the Pope and Dalai Lama for all their good thoughts, words and deeds. May they be successful in bringing greater peace, harmony, joy and prosperity to all the people of the world. May they live long, healthy and enlightened lives. That being said, it still surprises me that it still surprises people to […]

An organic and GMO-free future for the Big Island

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Aloha. Good for Mayor Billy Kenoi and good for “we the people” of the Big Island to now have an organic and GMO-free future. Next step is to get our Mayor to support Cannabis hemp farming and the end of decades of damaging prohibition beginning with respecting our Peaceful Sky ordinance. It’s long overdue for […]

Judge: Cannabis Minister’s Religion Protected Under RFRA

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On Wednesday, July 31, 2013, U.S. District Court Judge Leslie E. Kobayashi ruled that imprisoned Cannabis Minister, Rev. Roger Christie, can present a religious defense at trial. The court ruled as a matter of law that Christie’s religion is legitimate, his belief is sincere, and that the government’s action was a substantial burden on the […]

Video: Temple 420 Story (weed like to win) Operation Paul Revere Contest

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Cannabis is Good

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1.) Cannabis is reportedly the most commonly-used spiritual / religious sacrament in human history. In our opinion it must be legal for religious reasons in the only country on Earth founded on principles of religious freedom. 2.) The are photos of antique legal Cannabis medicine bottles from reputable U.S. pharmaceutical companies available online. How about […]

Honolulu Star Advertiser and the Whole Story

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“Although the others were released on signature bonds, Christie remained in custody based on the prosecution’s argument that he posed a danger because he continued to run the marijuana operation even after his home and ministry had been raided by federal drug agents four months before his arrest.” — Honolulu Star Advertiser, Trial For Big […]

Bipartisan group of senators want to legalize growing hemp

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News item: A bipartisan group of senators introduced a bill that would remove hemp from the list of controlled substances in order to allow U..S. farmers to grow the plant. @@@ They want to exclude ‘hemp’ from the official federal definition of false-flag, racist, mongrel, propaganda word ‘marijuana’? That’s nice. Real progress to me will […]

USDA – The term “agricultural seeds” includes ‘hemp’

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@@@ Hello Tommy and Lynn, Aloha to thee. I see the name [ HEMP – Cannabis sativa L. ] in this USDA list of eligible specialty commodities. Since this is a list made by the federal government it deserves to have a useful place in our defense to prosecution. Whattaya think? Mahalo. All the best […]

Bill Would Extend Forfeiture Actions to Petty Misdemeanors

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Bill Would Extend Forfeiture Actions to Petty Misdemeanors @@@ Aloha. This passed its second of three readings? OMG! If I have my history correct, this horrible proposed law is based on disgusting ancient precedents during the Middle Age witch hunts and other vile persecutions. Turn-in a “witch” and you got one-third of her farm, I […]

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