Dietary Cannabis – Do you know how good this is?

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@@@ Hello out there, Aloha to thee. Paul vH was good enough to send me a long treatise on dietary Cannabis which is so important that I will forward it to you. In the meantime, I feel like summarizing it. All the best health to you and yours! Love, Roger @@@ There are apparently now […]

Cannabis + calamus root powder = :-p

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@@@ The 1980’s version of the book THE YOGA OF HERBS by Drs. Vasant Lad and David Frawley tells us some of the benefits of calamus root powder. It’s a brain tonic and energizer. Nicknamed ‘sweet-flag’, it grows near marshes and has a long history of use by native Americans and is highly regarded by […]

Thomas Jefferson’s Hemp Farm Diaries

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@@@ Hello Tommy, Aloha to thee. Thomas Jefferson was a Cannabis hemp grower. It MUST be constitutional. SOURCE: Hemp, along with flax and cotton, was primarily used for making clothing at Monticello. DOCUMENTARY REFERENCES Undated. “Hemp. Plough the ground for it early in the fall & very deep. If possible plough it again in Feb. […]

What works in marijuana reform?

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Hello out there, Aloha to thee. I had a feeling that something really legally good is coming our way this week. They loss of ASA’s civil court case might be it. Why? Because it shows what doesn’t work, so we can now do what DOES work! And so it is. What do you think? All […]

An Open Letter to Senator Patrick Leahy

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Hello Senator Patrick Leahy, Aloha. I read that you’re interested in holding hearings to possibly legalize ‘marijuana’. I write to you in strong support of legalizing and ending ‘marijuana’ prohibition. Please call it what it is, Cannabis hemp, the useful, healthful herb! Mahalo. I’m presently housed in cell 104 on the 5th floor of the […]

Notes from Federal Detention – Jan 9, 2013

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Aloha. Former D.E.A. undercover agent and author of “The Infiltrator” Robert Mazur said on Coast to Coast am talk radio on January 7, 2013 that the White House, the Administration, the State Department and the Department of Justice consistently protect the largest drug cartel money launderers in favor of cracking-down on users and small dealers […]

Leahy To Examine Marijuana Policy, Plans Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing Next Year

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@@@ Aloha to thee. More terrific news! Hopefully they can un-Schedule marijuana before our trial. @@@ WASHINGTON (THURSDAY, Dec. 13, 2012) – In light of recently passed state laws legalizing personal marijuana use, U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) Thursday released a letter sent earlier this month to the Director of the Office […]

‘Cannabis can now win an election in some places’

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@@@ Aloha to thee. ‘Cannabis can now win an election in some places’. Gotta love that! Baby boomers are still the largest slice of the population. Go boomers! I think there needs to be a media breakthrough about juicing the leaves, eating the seeds and holy anointing oil made with prayer and intention. Come-on NEWSWEEK […]

Our future isn’t what it used to be; it’s better!

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@@@ I love it when people think and act exponentially. When acting for one person makes a blessing for many. Unum e pluribus? :-p All the best to you! Roger :-p @@@ —–Von Hartmann, Paul on 12/8/2012 3:45 PM wrote: > Q: How might an average person consume 4-8 ounces per day, would the hemp […]

Your Honor…stands before you a Free Man, Rev Roger C. Christie, Cannabis Minister.

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Your Honor, …stands before you a Free Man, Reverend Roger C. Christie, Cannabis Minister. This motion to dismiss all charges and effect my immediate release is made of urgent necessity, individual responsibility for knowledge of the true value of Cannabis, and patriotic duty to end a counter-productive “drug war” causing a methamphetamine and alcohol epidemic […]

Pitch to Mitch

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ALOHA! from prison cell 104 on the 5th floor of the Federal Detention Center at the Honolulu Airport! :-p Please know that even though my physical body is incarcerated for over 28 months – that my spirit flies ABSOLUTELY FREE over to Kalapana, and to each and every one of you at the Freedom Festival […]

Deepak Chopra: Brings ‘morality’ into the debate

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Item: Deepak Chopra Joins Movement to End the War on Drugs; Becomes Newest Member of Drug Policy Alliance Honorary Board @@@ Hello out there, Aloha. Thank God, Goddess, spirit, nature or The Great You Name It for Deepak Chopra bringing the question of morality into the drug policy debate. It’s the perfect time to do […]

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