Audio Clips Show Senator Hee Lied When He Deferred SCR75/SR42

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On April 10th, the Senate Judiciary Committee heard resolutions urging the federal government to release Roger Christie on bail pending trial. Since July 1010 Christie has been denied his constitutional rights to a speedy trial and repeatedly denied release on bail. But Sen, Hee wanted to kill the resolutions. However, he claimed he would be […]

Video: Senator Hee Apparently Lied to Fellows

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@@@ Hello out there, Have you seen the new YouTube of Senator Hee’s supposed ‘lie’ about the Resolution to “urge the feds to give me bail”? Share says it’s pretty amazing. I wonder what it means and where the issue can go to now? Everything is theoretically waxing along with this reportedly very powerful full […]

Christie faces more charges

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Christie faces more charges @@@ Hello out there, Aloha to thee. I just received the multiple new charges related in this news story by legal mail delivery. And it’s on the remberance day of my Father’s birth, too. For some reason the charges are making me feel grateful. Thanks, Dad for reminding me to face […]

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