Pitch to Mitch

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ALOHA! from prison cell 104 on the 5th floor of the Federal Detention Center at the Honolulu Airport! :-p Please know that even though my physical body is incarcerated for over 28 months – that my spirit flies ABSOLUTELY FREE over to Kalapana, and to each and every one of you at the Freedom Festival […]

Video: Rev Roger Christie Testifies before Hawaii State Legislators

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Video: Rev Roger Christie Testifies to Hawaii County Council on Helicopter Overflights – 8-23-2006

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9 Pillars of the Christie Mayor Campaign 2012

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Mayors form for Share August 14, 2012, I received over 500 votes, and that’s after I told people to please vote for Dominic Yagong, and learned a lot being on the campaign trail, and thank my husband for empower me with that Hawai’i County voter – aloha. My name is Share Christie and I ask […]

Share’s Mayoral Platform 2012

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Q&A from Big Island Chronicle, August 2012 @@@ Aloha. My name is Share Christie and it’s my pleasure to introduce myself in the race for Mayor of Hawai’i County, one of the most special and beautiful places on Earth. I was born in Ohio and raised in southern California. I’m a wife and a Mother, […]

Photos: Political Candidates Meet in Kohala

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August 5, 2012: group photos from the forum in Kohala.    

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