Latin American Governments Call on UN for Drug Policy Review

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Presidents of Guatemala, Mexico and Colombia call on UN for an urgent review on Drug Policy @@@ Hello out there, Aloha to thee. Thanks for the heads-up on this new tone. This has been waaaaaaaaaaaay too long over-due. At this point in time I have zero trust in the United Nations getting this job done […]

Testimonials for Roger Christie

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Aloha, We have known Roger Christie for 2 decades. Over this time, he has made it his life’s mission to educate people on the many benefits of cannabis/ hemp and to change the harsh laws prohibiting their cultivation and use. Medical research on the benefits of cannabinoids and many states acceptance of medical marijuana support […]

Operation Wipeout

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Welcome to my poetry it gets inside my brain I want to show some more of me and hope something you’ll gain. This is one way to frame my thoughts I’m sharing what is true it’s free to have a look around I trust it’s fun for you. Some say that pot’s the devil’s weed […]

Thousands of Marijuana Marchers Converge on Honolulu Int’l Airport for Christie!

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A fiction for now! Overcoming decades of disunity and ineffectual action programs, thousands of demonstrators from the Hawaii marijuana community converged on the Honolulu International Airport on Saturday calling for the release of one their spiritual leaders held nearby. For nearly a year, Reverend Roger Christie has been held without bail at the federal jail towering adjacent to the […]

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