What’s a Libertarian and How Can I Be One?

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My speech to the 2015 annual convention…. What’s a Libertarian and How Can I Be One? Aloha.  It’s my pleasure to be a Libertarian and first I want to thank some of the individuals who have helped to keep this political party going for the last few years in Hawai’i: Tracy Ryan, Larry Bartley, Ken […]

HB321: Marijuana on the Move in the Legislature

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This is contrary point of view, but it’s always interesting to know what opponents of legalization are thinking and feeling… HB321: Marijuana on the Move in the Legislature

Roger Christie at Home

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Fukushima Alert!

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Hello out there, Aloha from FDC Honolulu on Sunday Nov. 10th. I hope you’re doing great! Last night’s Coast to Coast was another eye-opener! Thanks, I think. John B Wells hosted four experts on nuclear science and health. John’s trying hard to awaken ALL the people to the facts about Fukushima’s deadly effects, especially since […]

Hawai’i’s medical marijuana law change

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@@@ Hey there, Aloha to thee. I just read in Saturday’s Star-Advertiser that one of the bills to ‘improve’ the state medical marijuana law has passed, BUT … 1.) it’s to transfer the medical marijuana program from the prison department to the Health Department beginning in 2015. 2.) it’s to increase the amount of herbal […]

Audio Transcript: Hawaii Senate Committee Hearing Roger Christie Resolutions

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@@@ [flowplayer src=’https://the-last-marijuana-trial.com/videos/what_happened_to_roger_christie_resolutions.mp4′ width=510 height=325 splashend=show splash=’https://the-last-marijuana-trial.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/senator-hee.jpg’ controlbar=show autoplay=false] UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT Roger Christie Resolutions SCR75/SR42 Audio excerpts, 10 APRIL 2013 Hawaii State Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Clayton Hee, Chair HEE: THE SECOND ONE IS THE ROGER CHRISTIE, URGING THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TO RELEASE ROGER CHRISTIE. … SENATOR DO YOU WANT TO JOIN US? (inaudible)… THE […]

Audio Clips Show Senator Hee Lied When He Deferred SCR75/SR42

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On April 10th, the Senate Judiciary Committee heard resolutions urging the federal government to release Roger Christie on bail pending trial. Since July 1010 Christie has been denied his constitutional rights to a speedy trial and repeatedly denied release on bail. But Sen, Hee wanted to kill the resolutions. However, he claimed he would be […]

Testimonies Submitted to the Hawaii State Senate on Behalf of Roger Christie

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Dear friends, Aloha and good Friday morning! Thanks to each of you for taking the time to write a personal testimony in support of the Senate Resolution to ‘urge the feds to give me bail until our trial’ in July. Share and I are very grateful to you for taking the time and the effort […]

Video: Senate Committee Urges Christie Release

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Hawaii News Now – KGMB and KHNL Hawaii senators seek release of Roger Christie

Hawaii Meth Project?

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@@@ Aloha. Shouldn’t it be called the Anti-Meth Project? I mean, come-on smart people … watch the languaging. Meth = exceedingly dangerous, addictive, chemical soup of a street drug Project = to advance, to propel, to forward Meth + Project = ? Sounds like: “Meth Project” = to advance, project or forward the dangerous drug […]

Hawaii State Senators: Feds Violating Christie’s Constitutional Rights

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@@@ Mahalo to the elected officials who are the sponsors of this Senate Resolution. My wife Share and I deeply appreciate your action to protect the Constitutional rights of “we the people” for now and forever. All the best to everyone, Roger Christie @@@ ______________________________________________________ Hawaii State Senators: Feds Violating Christie’s Constitutional Rights A group […]

Resolution for Hawaii State Legislature

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Whereas, both the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Hawai’i contain strong protections of civil liberties; Whereas, especially important of the citizen’s rights are those of worship, speech and the right to post reasonable bond while awaiting trial; U.S. Constitution Amendment VIII “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor […]

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