Hawai’i Tried to Re-Schedule ‘Marijuana’ in 1999

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@@@ Aloha to thee. A nice find sent to us from Paul von Hartmann. It would be good to send this to all Hawai’i State Reps. and Senators, U.S. Reps., new U.S. Senator Mazie Hirono, Governor Abercrombie and news media right now. Mahalo. Daniel Inouye R.I.P. He really helped us with a surprisingly strong, pro-medical […]

Pitch to Mitch

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ALOHA! from prison cell 104 on the 5th floor of the Federal Detention Center at the Honolulu Airport! :-p Please know that even though my physical body is incarcerated for over 28 months – that my spirit flies ABSOLUTELY FREE over to Kalapana, and to each and every one of you at the Freedom Festival […]

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  • Published: Sep 15th, 2012
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Video: Rev Roger Christie Testifies before Hawaii State Legislators

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Video: Rev Roger Christie Testifies to Hawaii County Council on Helicopter Overflights – 8-23-2006

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9 Pillars of the Christie Mayor Campaign 2012

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Mayors form for Share August 14, 2012, I received over 500 votes, and that’s after I told people to please vote for Dominic Yagong, and learned a lot being on the campaign trail, and thank my husband for empower me with that Hawai’i County voter – aloha. My name is Share Christie and I ask […]

Share’s Mayoral Platform 2012

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Q&A from Big Island Chronicle, August 2012 @@@ Aloha. My name is Share Christie and it’s my pleasure to introduce myself in the race for Mayor of Hawai’i County, one of the most special and beautiful places on Earth. I was born in Ohio and raised in southern California. I’m a wife and a Mother, […]

Photos: Political Candidates Meet in Kohala

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August 5, 2012: group photos from the forum in Kohala.    

Q&A: Share Christie for Hawaii Mayor

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Age: 60 Job: Political activist; clergy member; striving to be a self-sufficient farmer. Background: Mayor’s executive assistant; Hawaii State Bar Association; Hawaii Justice Foundation What qualifies you to be mayor? Through four years of collecting less in taxes in the toughest economy in the history of the county, we made government more efficient and responsive, […]

Share Christie Running for Mayor of the Big Island

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* Keep the dream of freedom alive! * Aloha from me, and from Roger who sends you his blessings from his prison cell at the federal detention center in Honolulu. He wishes he was with us here today, and spiritually he IS here with us through my voice. He has his 6th hearing for bail […]

From Share e & Roger Christie: Would you gift us your voice? Mahalo in advance.

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Dear Friends and Ohana, This coming weekend has a very important summit on Oahu called the Hawaii International Drug Trafficking Summit, it’s actually for the police nations to get together and talk about how they can take more liberty away from the good people of Hawai’I and others in my opinion. There’s going to be […]

Stop the Drug War Rally June 17 At The Hawai`i State Capitol Rotunda

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by Jeane Ohta June 17 will mark forty years since President Richard Nixon, citing drug abuse as “public enemy No. 1”, officially declared a “war on drugs.” A trillion dollars and millions of ruined lives later, the war on drugs remains an abject failure. Drug policy reform advocates all across the country will mark this […]

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