An organic and GMO-free future for the Big Island

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Aloha. Good for Mayor Billy Kenoi and good for “we the people” of the Big Island to now have an organic and GMO-free future. Next step is to get our Mayor to support Cannabis hemp farming and the end of decades of damaging prohibition beginning with respecting our Peaceful Sky ordinance. It’s long overdue for […]

Hemp seed nutritional information

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@@@ We know Cannabis hemp as the Biblical ‘tree of life’ to heal all the nations. Like Paul always reminds us, it’s too valuable to be under the jurisdiction of the government and prohibited for “we the people”. Right now only ‘dead’ sterile hempseeds are allowed in the USA. Hopefully our case will end that […]

Bipartisan group of senators want to legalize growing hemp

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News item: A bipartisan group of senators introduced a bill that would remove hemp from the list of controlled substances in order to allow U..S. farmers to grow the plant. @@@ They want to exclude ‘hemp’ from the official federal definition of false-flag, racist, mongrel, propaganda word ‘marijuana’? That’s nice. Real progress to me will […]

USDA – The term “agricultural seeds” includes ‘hemp’

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@@@ Hello Tommy and Lynn, Aloha to thee. I see the name [ HEMP – Cannabis sativa L. ] in this USDA list of eligible specialty commodities. Since this is a list made by the federal government it deserves to have a useful place in our defense to prosecution. Whattaya think? Mahalo. All the best […]

Thomas Jefferson’s Hemp Farm Diaries

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@@@ Hello Tommy, Aloha to thee. Thomas Jefferson was a Cannabis hemp grower. It MUST be constitutional. SOURCE: Hemp, along with flax and cotton, was primarily used for making clothing at Monticello. DOCUMENTARY REFERENCES Undated. “Hemp. Plough the ground for it early in the fall & very deep. If possible plough it again in Feb. […]

Our future isn’t what it used to be; it’s better!

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@@@ I love it when people think and act exponentially. When acting for one person makes a blessing for many. Unum e pluribus? :-p All the best to you! Roger :-p @@@ —–Von Hartmann, Paul on 12/8/2012 3:45 PM wrote: > Q: How might an average person consume 4-8 ounces per day, would the hemp […]

5 Element Cooking with Hemp and More

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5 Element Cooking with Hemp and More Taught by Share Christie September 25 Tuesday evening from 6 to 9 — Suggested donation $50 Join us for this Fundraising event for Share’s husband Rev. Roger Christie, held without bail for over 2 years as a political prisoner. They set out to change the laws, with their […]

Operation Wipeout

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Welcome to my poetry it gets inside my brain I want to show some more of me and hope something you’ll gain. This is one way to frame my thoughts I’m sharing what is true it’s free to have a look around I trust it’s fun for you. Some say that pot’s the devil’s weed […]

Dear Christian Friend: Spirit is Greater than Government

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Dear Christian Friend, God has chosen the foolish and despised things of this world to shame the wise.’ 1 Corinthians 1:27 There is hardly a more ridiculed, despised or prohibited plant in this world than Cannabis Hemp, or ‘marijuana’. This extremely useful and beneficial herb put on this Earth by GOD has purposely been misnamed ‘marijuana‘ to […]

‎”He ain’t guilty, he’s my brother…”

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Please help. It’s your First Amendment too…Roger Christie is a sincere, respectful and qualified minister, helping to find contemporary balance for the world’s oldest global culture. Is THAT why he’s been imprisoned-without-trial since JULY, denied bail FIVE times and had his trial postponed until APRIL? Jury nullification may be the last line of defense for […]

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