What works in marijuana reform?

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Hello out there, Aloha to thee. I had a feeling that something really legally good is coming our way this week. They loss of ASA’s civil court case might be it. Why? Because it shows what doesn’t work, so we can now do what DOES work! And so it is. What do you think? All […]

D.C. Circuit Denies Medical Marijuana

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@@@ Hello out there, Aloha to thee. How interesting to see this news. It makes me sad for all the millions of deserving medical patients. Hopefully it will generate even more action to legalize ‘marijuana’ on the state level and bypass medical marijuana. It makes me extra grateful to have a spiritual practice to deal […]

What’s Happening Now

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@@@ cc’s Hey Mike, Aloha. Thanks for the news from the Denver Post and MPP. Another excellent source there is WestWord dot com. Check them out and see what they’ve got going for insight and commentary. I’ll bet that Santa Claus delivered a lot of grow-lights on Christmas Day in Colorado! 6 plants per adult […]

Cannabinoids: The Marijuana Miracle Medicine

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With protections for VA medical marijuana patients now secured by VHA DIRECTIVE 2010-035, some are wondering why the DEA continues to treat marijuana as a Schedule I drug. And what — if any —  is the significance of the Directive in light of last year’s federal policy announcement ending raids on Cannabis clinics in those 14 states that allow doctors […]

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