Poem from the pen


@@@ Welcome to my poetry – it gets inside my brain I want to show you more of me, and hope something you’ll gain. This is one way to frame my thoughts – I’m sharing what is true It’s free to have a look around, I hope it’s fun for you. Some say that hemp’s […]

Reverend Roger Christie, Destined to fill a page in American History


Twas just about dawn of the eighth of July not all the stars had abandoned the sky When out of the dark with a roar bold and gruff Appeared Uncle Sampire to snuff those who puff Our Constitution abused he used as his wings Conspiring with Samp were his federal best friends The FBI, the […]

Uncle Sampyre had a date


Uncle Sampyre had a date with Teapot Tillie whose fame’s great of late Samp thought in the spirit of economic thrift He’d give tense Tillie a piggy-back lift So up to Capitol Hill they went to see how the peoples’ money was spent On that hill’s where the law-makers dwell feudin n fussin an raisin […]

They are holding Roger Christie as a danger to society…

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So… He lit the fuse cut loose the muse and the poet appeared No time to spare your desire my Lord is my inspiration I need a miracle and I need it now this world I live in writes wrinkles on my brow say on, my Lord your desire is my inspiration I see the […]

Let Our People Go

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it is time to grow up america you are a prisoner of your own self from the arawaks to the mexicans from the jew to the muslim from the brave to the weak wake up and smell the cancer burning in your heart————- people, we can hear it, we can learn from it people, why […]

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