A Gift from the Gods: The History of Cannabis

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God bless the Pope and Dalai Lama for all their good thoughts, words and deeds. May they be successful in bringing greater peace, harmony, joy and prosperity to all the people of the world. May they live long, healthy and enlightened lives. That being said, it still surprises me that it still surprises people to […]

Operation Wipeout

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Welcome to my poetry it gets inside my brain I want to show some more of me and hope something you’ll gain. This is one way to frame my thoughts I’m sharing what is true it’s free to have a look around I trust it’s fun for you. Some say that pot’s the devil’s weed […]

Dear Christian Friend: Spirit is Greater than Government

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Dear Christian Friend, God has chosen the foolish and despised things of this world to shame the wise.’ 1 Corinthians 1:27 There is hardly a more ridiculed, despised or prohibited plant in this world than Cannabis Hemp, or ‘marijuana’. This extremely useful and beneficial herb put on this Earth by GOD has purposely been misnamed ‘marijuana‘ to […]

Rev. Roger Christie Held Without Bond

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Rev. Roger Christie, leader of the THC Ministry based in Hawai’i, is in jail without bond. Early on the morning of July 8, agents from the Drug Enforcement Admin. stormed the THC Ministry and the homes of many of its practitioners, and 14 were arrested. The Ministry, Roger and others had sued in federal court […]

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