Audio Transcript: Hawaii Senate Committee Hearing Roger Christie Resolutions

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@@@ [flowplayer src=’′ width=510 height=325 splashend=show splash=’’ controlbar=show autoplay=false] UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT Roger Christie Resolutions SCR75/SR42 Audio excerpts, 10 APRIL 2013 Hawaii State Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Clayton Hee, Chair HEE: THE SECOND ONE IS THE ROGER CHRISTIE, URGING THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TO RELEASE ROGER CHRISTIE. … SENATOR DO YOU WANT TO JOIN US? (inaudible)… THE […]

Video: Senator Hee Apparently Lied to Fellows

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@@@ Hello out there, Have you seen the new YouTube of Senator Hee’s supposed ‘lie’ about the Resolution to “urge the feds to give me bail”? Share says it’s pretty amazing. I wonder what it means and where the issue can go to now? Everything is theoretically waxing along with this reportedly very powerful full […]

Testimonies Submitted to the Hawaii State Senate on Behalf of Roger Christie

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Dear friends, Aloha and good Friday morning! Thanks to each of you for taking the time to write a personal testimony in support of the Senate Resolution to ‘urge the feds to give me bail until our trial’ in July. Share and I are very grateful to you for taking the time and the effort […]

Hawaii State Senators: Feds Violating Christie’s Constitutional Rights

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@@@ Mahalo to the elected officials who are the sponsors of this Senate Resolution. My wife Share and I deeply appreciate your action to protect the Constitutional rights of “we the people” for now and forever. All the best to everyone, Roger Christie @@@ ______________________________________________________ Hawaii State Senators: Feds Violating Christie’s Constitutional Rights A group […]

Leahy To Examine Marijuana Policy, Plans Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing Next Year

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@@@ Aloha to thee. More terrific news! Hopefully they can un-Schedule marijuana before our trial. @@@ WASHINGTON (THURSDAY, Dec. 13, 2012) – In light of recently passed state laws legalizing personal marijuana use, U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) Thursday released a letter sent earlier this month to the Director of the Office […]

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