More THC Ministry history

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@@@ Hello out there, Aloha. This is another segment of the history of the THC Ministry (as far as I remember it:) in order help clearify my being denied bail, my legitimacy as a Cannabis sacrament Minister, our suggested donation for services and sacraments process, my State “immunity from prosecution” as a legal “Practitioner”, and […]

Roger Says “High”!


Aloha. I’m Share Christie, wife of Roger Christie of The Hawai’i Cannabis THC Ministry. I’m grateful to be here today from the big island to represent, among other things, the consciousness-raising and health benefits of using Cannabis as a personal “botanical savior”, and as a political tool for the Libertarian Party. Roger says “high” to […]

Happy 12th Anniversary THC Ministry!

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Hello out there, Aloha to thee. I hope this finds you in high spirits and top shape! Today is September 20, 2012 … among other things it’s the 12th anniversary of the founding of The Hawai’i Cannabis THC Ministry! I clearly remember the moment when I realized that my ordainment as a Minister, my Hawai’i […]

A Marijuana Conspiracy

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Roger Christie and the “Green 14” In the U.S., nearly four out of ten murders, six out of ten rapes and nine out of ten burglaries go unsolved. Law enforcement refuses to commit the time or resources necessary to solve these violent crimes. However marijuana cases are different: the government spends billions of tax dollars […]

“The Trial for the Century”

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“Trial of the century” is an idiomatic phrase used to describe certain well-known court cases, especially of the 20th century. It is often used popularly as a rhetorical device to attach importance to a trial and as such is not an objective observation but is the opinion of whoever uses it.” “It’s a way of […]

‎”He ain’t guilty, he’s my brother…”

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Please help. It’s your First Amendment too…Roger Christie is a sincere, respectful and qualified minister, helping to find contemporary balance for the world’s oldest global culture. Is THAT why he’s been imprisoned-without-trial since JULY, denied bail FIVE times and had his trial postponed until APRIL? Jury nullification may be the last line of defense for […]

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