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We have known Roger Christie for 2 decades. Over this time, he has made it his life’s mission to educate people on the many benefits of cannabis/ hemp and to change the harsh laws prohibiting their cultivation and use. Medical research on the benefits of cannabinoids and many states acceptance of medical marijuana support his views.

We have all read of local violent, brutal crimes where the perp with a long history of convictions is let off easy. In this case, it is just the opposite! Roger Christie is a gentle, good hearted man and has been held in Federal prison without bail for over a year and half, and both he and his fiance are facing long prison sentences.

It is vital to support Roger Christie so that true, moral justice can be achieved. Further incarceration of Roger Christies is unjust and a terrible waste of tax payers dwindling money. He should be released immediately, a year and half is enough!

Ann Rickard and Robert Searight
The authorities on-going attention to eradicating marijuana across the country is appalling in a couple of ways. It has created an unnecessary criminal element and incarcerated thousands of otherwise harmless and decent citizens. Tragedy upon tragedy has been effected against a drug that so far has not proven to create hostility, erratic or dangerous behavior in any level close to that of legal alcohol consumption. Nor has it been normally associated with encouraging harder drug usage in cases other than when induced by government intervention. Many in the medical profession attest to the positive benefits yet the conflict and injustice remains.

So why is the Government relentlessly expending valuable resources against marijuana usage by prosecuting normally good citizens, terrorizing others and encouraging criminal activity when instead it could be benefiting from new taxes and free valuable services to fight greater threats to our society. Legalize marijuana and focus our attention to more important issues.

Gary Turner – Pahoa, HI

I met Roger Christie first in the early mid 90’s when he first came to Maui and spoke proudly about the many uses of marijuana and applied his passion to helping people. He is such a caring and giving man. Whatever crime he may have been accused of, I, for one, feel he has served more than enough time and needs to be released. He can better serve humanity and his imminent bride from outside of his confined world. I believe marijuana should be decriminalized and the world here in Hawaii needs to become a leader in this very old issue. The resources we devote to “criminals” in marijuana-related crimes are staggering. Enough is Enough. Please FREE Roger. Enough, please. When so many people know the benefits of marijuana, isn’t it about time we finally decriminalize it and get people out of the jail environment and give them opportunity to become valuable free citizens.

Thank you for hearing this, Governor Abercrombie and State House and Senate… and hear this, law enforcers are prison authorities.

Jason Schwartz

Executive director
DreamMakers Foundation, Maui.


I have known Roger Christie for more than twenty years. I attended a men’s group with him for a while. He could be faulted for being somewhat obsessive and compulsive, especially concerning the issue of cannabis legalization. He could also be judged as being foolhardy enough to openly promote the use of cannabis from his cannabis ministry premises in downtown Hilo. He could even be criticized for making some profit from buying and selling cannabis, an illegal substance according to federal law. Non of the above judgements of this kind and gentle man can justify that he has been held without bail for 15 months in a federal prison on Oahu. Roger Christie provided people with a product that they were grateful to receive, as do all the other merchants in downtown Hilo. Roger’s situation is similar to the experience of many who dared to openly stand against foolish and unjust laws; Nelson Mandela against apartheid, Martin Luther King for civil rights, all the women who demanded the right to vote, and all the other brave and courageous people who insisted that something had to change. There are men who commit home invasion, brutally attack and injure the homeowner and receive 1 year in prison, probation, and community service. There are people who kill and maim while driving drunk on legal alcohol and spend no time in prison. Roger has not hurt or robbed anyone. He should be freed on bail immediately, so that he can await his trial in the company of those who love, accept, and appreciate this courageous and dedicated man.

E malama pono Clive Cheetham
Dear Editor;

I am writing this letter of support for my amazing friend, hero and humanitarian: Rev. Roger Christie.

He is powerful in prayer, spiritual healing, and peacekeeping and legendary in the modern marijuana movement. Though his imprisonment is heartbreaking, his courage is not only inspiring, but part of the motivation of the shift in consciousness that is happening regarding ending the war on drugs.

I have done many shows over the years with Rev. Christie and have found him to be a man of Love who is on a March For Peace.

I am outraged that our justice system would waste time and taxpayer dollars jailing a man of prayer over a plant.

Do the right thing. Support Rev. Roger Christie and demand he be set free!.

Casper Leitch
Host/Creator: Time 4 Hemp

Good love is hard to find, some say.

At any discussions on “drug plolicy”; please consider the source.

N.I.D.A., S.A.M.S.A., D.E.A. & others are not based on sound science; the history of “drug war data” & Anslinger mis-information is well known.

Thank You,
Jason Bursey

l.e.a.p. not invited to drug policy summit… “news”papers write about “drug policies”…who owns your body?
the issue of justice regarding roger christy can be easily determined by one simple comparison…..marijuana vs alcohol….why is alcohol, one of the most dangerous and toxic substances to the human body legal????….alcohol causes countless problems and deaths in society each year….marijuana on the other hand, has not caused any deaths ever, is safer than aspirin… where is the justice here????

roger christy believes, as i do, that marijuana is a spiritual food or sacrament, that it is legal in the eyes of the great spirit for consenting adults, as a very useful plant and medicine to the body, mind, spirit of us humans…..roger should be honored for his commitment, to teach others about the positive uses of this plant, rather than used as an example to others, to show that those who promote marijuana will be punished….why continue the war on marijuana, that has failed since it’s beginning….roger is not a dangerous criminal, he is a caring member of society, trying to show that marijuana can be a spiritual medicine for the soul, the opposite of alcohol….please give roger a break….

William Greenwald

Marijuana Prohibition

A criminal is one who infringes on the rights of humanity. In the case of marijuana prohibition it is the government who is infringing on the rights of humanity to use the most useful plant on the planet. Marijuana (aka. cannabis, hemp) has been used for food, clothing, shelter, energy, medicine and as a spiritual sacrament. Free Roger Christie as well as all prisoners incarcerated for the most useful plant on the planet.


Jeff Brown
Roger Christie is a compassionate nonviolent warrior made victim to the DEAs who are fueled by unethical privatized prison corporations.

Additionally, the truth frequently exposes corporations that fund “science” of modern medicine for fiction. Their sole purpose is to increase their powers with published quackery. Politicians can no longer hide behind these lies.

Roger’s plight is no different than the peaceful protesters of Wall Street. I pray this good man is appointed the sane and justified legal representation that he deserves.

Respectfully submitted,

Delia Montgomery,
former THC Ministry member who cannot physically tolerate pharmaceuticals for most treatments.

Today the Hawaii International Drug trafficking Summit meets in Honolulu. With that in mind I would like to point out to the participants and remind the public that our friend, Rev. Roger Christie remains in custody in federal prison without bail or trial since July 8, 2010 for growing, processing and distributing marijuana. U.S. District Judge Alan Kay ruled that Roger is “a danger to society”.

This is a travesty of justice happening right here in Hawaii by the federal authorities of our own governments. One that prides its human rights record and goes around the world pointing fingers at abuses in other countries. To those who know him, Roger Cristie is a peaceful man. We believe that marijuana prohibition is unjust and infringes on our inherent right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

To those at the Drug trafficking Summit please vote to decriminalize marijuana and focus your attention on more dangerous drugs. Marijuana does not deserve it’s “schedule 1” status. Hawaii’s Democratic Party has passed resolutions which call for legalizing marijuana for personal use by people over 21 and when given the opportunity Hawaii’s voters overwhelmingly supports decriminalization.

Who are these public servants really serving? We, the people, ask that federal authorities, whose salaries we pay, “Free Roger Christie and legalize the use of marijuana for adults”.

Ken Charon.

Medical marijuana: 45 researchers concluded that established uses include easing of nausea and vomiting, anorexia, and weight loss; “well-confirmed effect” was found in the treatment of neurogenic pain, movement disorders, asthma, glaucoma. (wikipedia – condensed)

Clinical trials have shown the efficacy of cannabis as a treatment for cancer and AIDS patients, suffering from clinical depression, nausea and resulting weight loss due to aggressive treatments. A synthetic version of THC – dronabinol has been shown to relieve symptoms of anorexia and reduce agitation in elderly Alzheimer’s patients. Dronabinol has been approved for use with anorexia in patients with HIV/AIDS and chemotherapy-related nausea. This drug is more expensive and less available than whole cannabis and has not been shown to be effective or safe. (wikipedia – condensed)
So why will the FDA approve a drug that is possibly toxic and not the organic source?

Making the use of a medically beneficial substance illegal and punishing the person promoting these benefits through its use is the actual crime.

Ellen Kilbourne
Roger Christie: Stop the insanity set him free.

Is it not ironic that the Bankers and corporate CEO’s who have committed outrageous crimes against our country and against our community’s have had no charges brought against them and enjoy life as they are accustomed to (Can you say life of luxury) while Roger Christie has been in jail for over a year for following his beliefs and helping people, and being a good and outstanding member of his community.

I come from New Mexico Where even our previous Republican Governor, Gary Johnson saw the wisdom in legalizing marijuana hemp, which you can not even get high on is illegal in this country which is ignorant beyond belief can be used
as a super food, super fiber, for cloths rope, insulation,paper products etc, etc.So we have to import it from country’s like China,who uses it for everything and makes huge profits on it.One could say that our country’s political belief that all things marijuana are bad, is one of the biggest and costly misperceptions in our history is just a small list of the ramifications of this belief.

1. The drug war: legalizing marajuana would do miracles almost immediately.
2. People going to the really dangerous drugs like crack and meth and the devastation caused by such drugs.
3. Missing out on all the wonderful and healing properties of this herb from God.
4. Turn disaster into community profit, and save Mexico at the same time.Juarez MX. is the most violent city in the world, only miles from the USA.Take the power from the Cartels Legalize pot.
Maybe the movie “Reefer Madness” started this whole mess It was not reality folks just an entertaining joke.

Treating Roger Christie like public enemy #1 is just another example of how political policy uses its power to To make Mr Christie the scapegoat while the truly dangerous are free to weave there little webs of big profit and community destruction. Set the visionary free, put the Bankster in jail.


Kimo Ward
Santa Fe NM
When Private Corporations profit from harsh and illogical drug laws, good men like Reverend Roger Christie are kept in jail in order to generate profits for shareholders. Why hasn’t Roger Christie been allowed a trial in the 15 months since his arrest? Why is he being presented as a danger to the community?
These are questions anyone should be concerned with because it appears that anyone can be made a scapegoat in this long and unjust drug war. Roger ran a ministry in downtown Hilo for many years and did much work to address the ice epidemic on the island. Roger Christie isn’t forgotten. There are many of us who would like to see him released.

Megan Isaac Magdalene
Hilo, Hawaii
“Equal treatment under the law” applies basically to people. But it’s also a good idea for things like facts and realities. Sixteen states including this one think medicinal marijuana is credible enough to try letting patients use it. But the federal authorities refuse to even consider changing their classification of pot as being worse than “ice”. Instead they’re spending our tax- and deficit- dollars sending SWAT teams after grandmothers with too many plants in their garden.

They let Bernard Madoff out on bail, but they won’t do the same for Roger Christie? The only thing “equal” about that is the level of lunacy.

Ptr Kozlowski

Thank you for your time.

Rev. Roger Christie has been held without trial for 15 months,
denied bail 5 times on charges of distributing Cannabis, a plant the US gov. holds the patent on….

“Patent number 6,630,507 states unequivocally that cannabinoids are useful in the prevention and treatment of a wide variety of diseases including auto-immune disorders, stroke, trauma, Parkinson’s, Alzeheimer’s and HIV dementia. The patent, awarded in 2003, is based on research done by the National Institute of Health, and is assigned to the US Dept. of Health and Human Services.” (Brinna Nanda)

Roger maintains that all humans have a spiritual right to the Cannabis plant.

The US Federal government holds legally that is treats Alzeheimer’s, and the citizens do not have any right to it.
What is your personal opinion?

Please raise your voices, contact Senators Inoue and Akaka, and your Congress-persons.

Best regards and
Warm aloha,
Rev. Kristopher D. Johnson
River City Christian Mission
Universal Life Church
Hawaii THC Cannabis Ministry

Reverend Kristopher D. Johnson
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage / Yoga


The War on Drugs should be ended. It has filled our jails, cost taxpayers millions, and fueled organized crime. In June of 2011, an alliance of world leaders declared the War on Drugs “a resounding failure”! The alliance included former Secretary of State George Shultz, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Paul Volcker, former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, and ex-presidents of Columbia and Mexico. Their recommendations to the UN:

  • End the criminalization of drug users who “do no harm to others;”
  • Use legal regulation to wrestle controls from criminals;
  • Institute addiction treatment programs if needed.

Jimmy Carter supported these reforms in a New York Times editorial, “Call Off the Global Drug War.”

Hawaii County voters passed an initiative declaring that marijuana have lowest enforcement priority. Cannabis Minister Roger Christie, a longtime hemp activist in the Hilo community, is now facing marijuana distribution charges. He has been jailed for over a year and not permitted bail, yet we witness bail offers to those accused of horrendous murders. Our community is disheartened with this injustice. Cannabis has tradition of health & spiritual benefits.

Stop the criminalization insanity.

Mary Marvin Porter

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