Testimony of Trevor K. Douglas

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This is the Testimony of Trevor K. Douglas
When I moved to Hawaii in 2003 I met Roger Christie for the first time and continued my quest to learn more about the cannabis culture. The THC Ministries was located on the main strip of my college town and is one of the reasons I felt at home. It was even written into the local law, police had to respect a religious exemption for cannabis.

In 2004 I became a member of The Church of Universal Sacraments and remain one to this day. In 2009 I was anointed by Roger Christie and became a Cannabis Sacrament Minister with the THC Ministries. I am a sincere believer of The Hawaii Cannabis Ministry and Roger Christie’s good faith. Roger has helped me to be a better person and build my Mana so, now it is my time to build his.

Roger Christie is loved in his community and around the world. The people he has helped cannot be counted in his years of service at the THC Ministries and it continues to grow with the help of others. His wisdom is something that should be cherished not locked away behind bars. He is a modern day “Ghandi” and may not be understood by all but, has hurt no one and broken no valid laws. Roger is innocent.

Free exercise of religion is our first amendment right guaranteed to us by the Constitution of our great country. We have chosen cannabis as our holy sacrament because of its many uses, healing powers and time tested endurance as a power crop. It’s long rooted history as the “Tree of Life” mentioned in the bible is very well documented. It has been proven that cannabis was used in the recipe for the holy anointing oil described in the bible.

Civilization started with the help of cannabis. Our own government has mandated that it be grown on several different occasions in times of need and it is now legal in Colorado and Washington for recreational purposes. By utilizing cannabis to it’s full potential in industrial agriculture we can be completely sustainable, healthy and giving future generations the planet we inherited, not the one we ran over, spilled oil on, and thought “Man, why’s all this trash everywhere?”

Roger and many others around the globe that grow the different varieties of cannabis know of it’s industrial and life giving properties. If it weren’t for all the green plants that grow we wouldn’t have oxygen so, the more we grow the better no matter the variety. Cannabis is able to grow much faster than corn as a biofuel and can easily be substituted by our farmers. Humans and farm animals can eat the super food seeds and leaves it produces and it can produce more tonnage and nutrition per acre than any other crop.

There is no real downfall to legalizing it and letting Roger out of jail, the court has shown no compelling interests for keeping him detained. Of the “Green 13” that we’re arrested during the raids he is the one that remains behind bars.

We could have used the trillions spent on the war on drugs for infrastructure, free education or food for the poor. The money we pay the private companies that operate our prisons would be less and we wouldn’t need as many. Police would be able to focus on solving and preventing violent crimes instead of arresting farmers, ministers, and business operators. Farmers could once again compete on the world market using American fields and one day we will be able to produce more than we consume. Jobs will spring up around cannabis agriculture and industries will have a better chance at being green and sustainable.

Agriculture is at the base of society so that means cannabis is too! We cannot survive without being able to grow our own food. You may like to eat sunflower seeds on your salad, we eat cannabis seeds. You may like to drink wine as a sacrament with your ceremonies, we partake in cannabis sacrament, both just happen to produce a green and purple fruit.

As long as we don’t take from or place harm unto others or their property we have not committed a crime. What our justice system has done with the war on drugs has created a “victimless crime” to charge innocent people with and slowly take away our property and rights. Many victims of the war on drugs continue to suffer in prisons with Roger. Victimless crimes are a crime against humanity and life in general because it means, anyone can be prosecuted for growing a plant that was here before the laws against it.

Please free Roger Christie and let him spread his message and seed. I know, and can prove cannabis is what we need for an ailing economy and overall moral. Cannabis spirituality is more than just smoking to get high, it is about understanding our surroundings and being harmonious with all that encompasses it, our world. It’s about being healthy, aware and active in the community. It’s about science, history and spirituality. It’s about manners, respect and overall love.

This letter is not to be overlooked. I will testify in defense of Roger Christie because he is an outstanding individual and mentor. He deserves freedom and the apologies of those who took the last three years of his life. Please do not continue to follow corrupt orders and uphold your oath to defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Mahalo and Aloha!

God that’s great! Please show us the blessing in this situation.. And hurry! We are safe we are loved and all is well.


Rev. Trevor Douglas
Cannabis Sacrament Minister

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