The News Media Must Acknowledge that Cannabis is Not Schedule 1 Drug

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In my opinion, everyone that does a news piece on ‘medical marijuana’ and its conflict with federal law needs to be educated to highlight the absurd and fraudulent definition of Schedule 1 as a controlled substance that has “no recognized medical use in treatment in the USA”, and is “dangerous to use even under a doctor’s supervision”.  Schedule 1 is a giant FRAUD and must be called such in every instance and every blog roll out there.

If Romney/Ryan still believes and gives voice to the false ‘gateway theory’ that was disproven many years ago, he should not be allowed to handle sharp objects or drive motorized vehicles, and certainly be kept away from nuclear weapons!  Ann Romney could likely benefit from safe and natural ‘medical marijuana’ for her M.S.  Can you add something to the blog roll of KRDO-TV in Colorado who did the interview, please?  A link to LEAF on youtube, for instance.  Or Cannabis International, Cannabis Science, www dot marijuana gateway to health dot com, etc.  Mahalo.

Come-on paradigm-shift!  20-12, please do your blessed thing NOW.  And so it is.

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