The Pot Book, Dr. Julie Holland

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  1. Ali Baba. Darryl Carter
    on Jan 31st, 2011
    @ 10:09 am

    The government as we know in the united States is outdated. It’s hard to believe that our peers allow America to be behind all countries in our Draconian drug law. The only crimes that I have been convicted of are drug infractions. We need to rally to change things the one thing about America is we don’t stick together ….now is the time so let’s rally for all of our concern you go Roger we love you.


  2. BbUkz Brandon Brown
    on Feb 5th, 2011
    @ 6:52 pm

    Who framed Rodger Christ(I) Rodger is a pillar of the cannabis community cofounder of the T.he H.oly C.hrist ministries and like Jesus told Moses I am that I am regarding to the burnin bush, And I believe the government used their power of the criminal justic system as a way to put fear into are citizens and forceses the sick and the religious users of this healing plant to use a unnatural substance I honestly believe rodger is a healer not a killer. Whats takin place now is very similar to what jesus went threw when will we as a people realize and acnoledge a profits before thier dead and gone.(universal creater of all things free Rodger Christi by all means)

  3. Ali Baba. Darryl Carter
    on Feb 6th, 2011
    @ 10:18 am

    I was in full support of Roger 10 years ago when he starter the Hawaii THC Ministries. For ten years Roger presented Marijauna as a Sacrament through the Hawaii THC Church. Roger put together a church without walls.We call our herb our sacrament we existed and grew for the last ten years. Some of us naturally became ministers of word and sacrament like the roadmap with the peyote the THC ministiries exist we are a tenures group of American Citizens THC RELIGIOUS GROUPS. Unlike any other Reliigeon. Hawaii Style
    Kick back bro …… Feel God , See God, Share God and all his wonders. Roger kept it simple
    You don’t see a lot of dogma in the structure of the THC MINISTRIES it is natural a real approach to a real Church……so no INDICTMENT can disband us now we press hard because if you believe it’s true ….and I believe for over 10 years that the Hawaii THC Ministries exist and has rights and privileges . Darryl

  4. Debra Ackley
    on Apr 2nd, 2011
    @ 5:25 pm

    I believe…
    Marijuana use should be legal as well as hemp. Many properties many uses. Spiritual, physical and the economics outlook is promising growth. Entrepreneural opprotunities for many with growing, green house maintenance, distribution, sales in-store, online and mail order outlets.
    There are many hoops to jump through with legalities. Hopefully the state gods of prohibition will see the light of day soon.
    Nobody forces people to imbibe.

  5. forest
    on Aug 6th, 2011
    @ 9:19 pm

    it’s time to take Marijuana off of Schedule I….this ridiculous ongoing injustice to hemp and it’s proponents like roger christie shows a lack of intelligence and wisdom of the american government and it’s politicians…..have they sold their souls to capitalist monopoly lobbyists????

    hemp persecution, like so many other corrupt political agendas these days, is making the usa look unwise…….

    some of us, who grew up being proud to be americans, are seeing more and more unfair and corrupt police state tactics in the usa these days….

    are we so into our government jobs, that we will sell our soul to get the money they provide????….how does that promote a spiritual life/death????…..limiting fairness and freedoms is a karmic debt to those who force such things, and turn a blind eye to evolving justice…..

    please make some serious effort to take marijuana off of a schedule one classification, and stop persecuting the likes of roger christie, who is a spiritual man of integrity, and should not be treated as he is currently……..

    if not us who, if not now when??????….are we so left brained ego based competitive people we only care about ourselves and the physical material world only????….

    look into the spirit, and see where a balance can be made for more and more left and right brain balance and health…..

    if alcohol, one of the most deadly drugs can be legal, why not hemp, one of the most beneficial medicines….

    all those persecuted and jailed regarding use of hemp, have not at all declined the use of a spiritual food called hemp….it is our destiny to evolve more justice and spiritual awareness….

    please, before the heart/spirit of usa dies completely, wake up and smell the flowers along the way….aloha and peace,

    forest, for earth releaf

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