They are holding Roger Christie as a danger to society…

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So… He lit the fuse
cut loose the muse
and the poet appeared
No time to spare

your desire my Lord is my inspiration

I need a miracle
and I need it now
this world I live in writes wrinkles on my brow

say on, my Lord
your desire is my inspiration

I see the world’s end
down Whimperer’s Lane.

I see and yes I quite understand
Tis a fat funky fog hanging over the land
it’s as if our ‘Tis of Thee’ has lost its way
and just doesn’t see
so I look to my dreams as a poet should
and who to my star-spangled wonderment appears
but Tom-Tom Jefferson with his list of fears

“I fear for the people,”
Old Tom-Tom lamented
the only way out: if the whole world repented.

Ho! so easily said and so hardly done
many have tried
and are denied the sun!
Have you heard of Roger, the minister man
political prisoners in Freedom Land?
Twenty sad moons good Roger’s denied
the rays of the sun
the depth of the sky

Tom-Tom Jefferson scratched his dome
what infamous deed has this Roger done?
must be many, can’t be just one.

You’ve been gone so long you cannot understand
there’s an extra legal hysteria sweeping the land
perhaps you’ve heard of the USCRR
kinda  new group with roots from afar

Acronyms, acronyms — Alphabet soup
what’s up with this new fangled gobbly goop?
spill it out straight…What’s the Scoop?

The USRR and the USRRC
are the necessary link to American philosophy
It’s the United States Religious Regulatory Commission
enacted to preserve our religious freedom
as you T. Tom Jefferson insisted 200 years ago.
The good minister Christie actually made it so.
because his path to God violated
the patented path to eternal life
as well the happiness from here to there
so they, the Federal agents
from the 6000 miles afar
and 200 years in arrears
locked up the good minister Christie
for partaking in the sacrament cannabis
which is inextricably linked to Roger’s God
and the ministry they together established.

I think I’m beginning to get the picture.

You ain’t seen nothing yet!
they are  holding Roger Christie as a danger to society
the gentle lamb that terrifies the Eagle
and the much acclaimed Constitution writ
to ensure Everyman’s right
to establish and practice a religion
long as none is harmed or property injured.
So Roger’s God had to be challenged,
and they cuffed him and hold him still–
Two years without bail
no sunlight, no fresh air to breathe,
no loving touch from wife nor friend
It’s an American gulag
sinful scar upon these gentle Isles
his health is failing.
will they wait for grisly death
to shake them from their slumber?
their evil ways?

Where then is some political leader
to lift this weight of religious intolerance?
this oppressive weight upon those
who long for Freedom
for some realization of an American dream?
Such a political weightlifter must today be among us!

They toss God around
like inebriated security agents.
Loud voices with no verb.

Where today is that spirit that freed the colonies
from the semi-tyrant George the Third
and then again when civilization demanded
destroyed with muscle, blood, and Will
the chains of enslavement
one brother upon another?

The world ends not with a bang,
but a whimper,
and the fuse is lit.

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