Uncle Sampyre had a date


Uncle Sampyre had a date
with Teapot Tillie
whose fame’s great of late

Samp thought in the spirit
of economic thrift
He’d give tense Tillie
a piggy-back lift

So up to Capitol Hill they went
to see how the peoples’ money was spent
On that hill’s where the law-makers dwell
feudin n fussin an raisin hell

They lie and cheat an steal and corrupt
a little’s OK,
but today it’s too much.

“We need more money”
the congressmen shout
as the bags of millions are jostled about
“Money, money , we gotta have more…
How will we get it?
Let’s tax the poor!

“The poor don’t need it
or they wouldn’t be poor
and we gotta have poor
or none would be rich.”
Now aint that logic a sonnofabitch?

Ms Tillie and Sampyre felt right at home
this kind of thinking they thought theirs alone
But the whole damn govment seems to agree
that keeping folks poor is the remedy.

If you see Sampyre or elephantine Tillie
Twitter their tweeter
with one thoughtful line:
You can’t fool all of the people
All of the time.
So into plowshares
render your swords
or “Your ass is mine
Sayeth the Lord.”


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