What a movie! :-O 12 year old girl saves world! (White House Down)

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Hello out there,

Aloha. Happy Christmas to you and yours!

What a day of mental stimulation it’s been for me here in Unit 5B. OMG! :-O It was the combination of a one hour segment of the www.SchnittShow.com talk radio show, and today’s movie WHITE HOUSE DOWN.

1. Todd Schnitt spoke on his talk radio show for about an hour about what he said is new Congressional evidence (proof?) that the Saudi ruling family and the official Saudi government helped plan and fund the murderous 9-1-1 attacks on New York City and Washington, D.C. that we mistakenly (but was actually done on purpose) blamed on Osama bin Laden, the Taliban, Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein. He said we went to war on the WRONG countries! :-O

The same Congressional study also reportedly concluded that the GW Bush White House, the F.B.I. and the C.I.A. purposely covered-up the evidence of the Saudi involvement in this ENORMOUS crime. Holy smoking gun, Batman! Todd Schnitt said the report includes 28 pages of blacked-out (redacted) material that must be even MORE treasonous than what was already reported or it wouldn’t have been blacked-out. What could that possibly be since all the other charges were SO damning against our government and the Saudi government?

Apparently the main culprit of the crime was/is Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia, their Intelligence Chief and known for decades as “Bandar Bush” because he’s been ‘adopted’ into the Bush family many years ago! Remember that famous photo of GW Bush walking and holding hands(!) with the old King of Saudi Arabia about 7 or 8 years ago? Look it up if it’s new to you and see for yourself. Shocking. What was THAT about? :-O This scandal might be part of the mystery being uncovered. To be honest, I never thought I would hear this level of investigative reporting on a middle-of-the-road type radio show. Coast to Coast, yes … Todd Schnitt, no, but there it was and I was astounded, shocked and very happy to hear it. Maybe there is hope for deep healing of our country after all.

2. WHITE HOUSE DOWN was a major fast-action flick that had deep political messages all through it. A black man somewhat like Obama was the President. His top Secret Service guy’s son was killed in Iraq and the guy (and his wife) wanted revenge on the President and all Arabs as payback. There were so many messages like when the camera held on one guy’s face for emphasis as he said, “Our country is bigger than the White House.”

The heroes of the movie included Tatum Channing who acted a great part. While trying to join the Secret Service the White House is invaded by bad guys who worked there plus some who didn’t, and his beautiful hippie-looking wife with frizzed-out hair, tie-dyed t-shirt and yoga pants, and especially their 12 year old, YouTube blogging daughter who is the main hero of the movie. The girl gets lost in the White House while on a tour with her Dad as he’s applying for the Secret Service job. She secretly records all the bad guys on her cell phone and uploads it to YouTube and emails it to CNN TV News while the action (lots of action!) is going-on. Added to that she bravely stands-up to the worst of the bad guys, and she remembers her history lessons about our government and about the White House to help her save the day. As the movie ends the Rolling Stones song “Revolution” is playing hard with Mick Jagger singing it out. Wow …

After hearing the talk radio and then shortly after that watching the movie I was in ‘chicken-skin’ mode! What a blast of political stimulation. :-O What’s real? I’m such an optimist.

I remember some smart, congruent-sounding guest on Coast to Coast last month saying that the Mayan calendar IS working exactly as planned. He said that coming this January 14th is their/our official “end of secrets day”. I wonder … ?

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