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Hey Mike,

Aloha. Thanks for the news from the Denver Post and MPP. Another excellent source there is WestWord dot com. Check them out and see what they’ve got going for insight and commentary. I’ll bet that Santa Claus delivered a lot of grow-lights on Christmas Day in Colorado! 6 plants per adult over 21 years old are allowed. :-p

Colorado will likely see a lot of new revenue once their program begins. Also, fewer drunk drivers, fewer suicides, less crime of all kinds, fewer sick days and visits to the doctor, less toxic pharmaceutical use, increased tourism – ganja visitors, a kinder and gentler, wealthier and healthier society measured in many ways.

Now the big questions are, what will Hawai’i do in the next 90 days? And, even more important, what will Senator Leahy do in the Judiciary Committee (with Sen. Mazie Hirono) in Congress? We’re hoping a federal change happens before our trial is necessary.

I’m reading “Broken Trust” about the excesses, criminality and eventual lawsuits and oversight of the Bishop Estate Trust. Holy schmoly! What an insight of the crimes and political BS going-on here during the 1980’s – 90’s. A MUST READ for everyone working on political issues in Hawai’i. Many of the criminals/politicians are still around. I hope you recommend it to the ganja ohana players. No wonder they blocked us at the county council and the legislature! They needed a ‘strawman’ to blame so they could avoid the heat of scrutiny. Typical was putting influencial politicians like Terrance Tom of the Judiciary Committee, Joe Souki Speaker of the House, Bob Herkes, etc., etc. on the Bishop Estate payroll at $4,000 – $7,000 per month with do-nothing jobs! Paying them enormoussssss commissions when the Estate bought and sold massive tracts of land in their areas. A wink and a nod kinda deal. All the while denying the students, the supposed beneficiaries of the Bishop Trust, the financial support they deserved. What a scandal. Lots of photos. Lots of cartoons. Gotta read it and tell Red Mike, Andrea and others about it. Eye-opening, to say the very least.

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Parts of Colorado’s pot legalization strategy exported to other states
POSTED: 12/29/2012 By John Ingold
The Denver Post

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