Video: Senator Hee Apparently Lied to Fellows

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Hello out there,

Have you seen the new YouTube of Senator Hee’s supposed ‘lie’ about the Resolution to “urge the feds to give me bail”? Share says it’s pretty amazing. I wonder what it means and where the issue can go to now? Everything is theoretically waxing along with this reportedly very powerful full moon coming on April 25th.

My 1,000th day in here is April 27th.

God/dess, that’s all great!

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The video is available on VIMEO here.

Full audio version of the debate is available on VIMEO here.

Videos also available below…. –ed.

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Long version:
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My big focus lately is on our Congress members, and where the flip are they? Tulsi Gabbard is OUR U.S. Representative and I want to believe in her and I want her to be our champion for freedom and liberty and common-sense progress. In with the good new policies – and out with the old B.S. stuff. I think she’s 30 something and has promised as much. Iraq war veteran, etc.

New U.S. Senator Brian Schatz is a former social services guy, supposedly a compassionate and smart person. He’s 40 years old. Seems like a nice guy.

U.S. Senator Mazie Hirono is also our U.S. Senator. I get zero juice from her vibe, but she must be quite successful and talanted to get that far in life.

All of these important REPRESENTATIVES of ours have offices in Hilo, probably in the Hilo Lagoon Building across from the courthouse. I recommend you get to know their office phone numbers, emails and staff secretary’s first names. Be the squeeky wheel that has a nice powerful determined disposition to them as you reques they represent (y)our cause.

Share and I have communicated with each of their offices and their staff people since just after the election. I snail mailed 45 pages to each of them in early January. Share has emailed for me and for her a few different times. Share has also called their offices numerous times … all with zero response or reply. WTFlip? We simply want to know:

1. What’s their position on legalization of Cannabis hemp, or ‘marijuana’ now that the majority of their constitutients are FOR it? That should be easy. Other states have already been the LEADERS in this, it’s too late for us to take that sweet spot and position. Unfortunately they each have delayed to answer this BIG question so the legislature declined to pass legalization this session. If they had been real LEADERS they could have come out strong for legalization and the legislature would have passed it by now. “Justice delayed is justice denied”. And “silence = consent”. Their silence means they are for things to stay the same with the police getting their way instead of the people who they work for and who pay their salaries getting our way. Sad situation, but that’s the reality we need to deal with at this point.

2. What’s their position on Schedule 1 classification for marijuana meaning that it’s MORE dangerous then ‘meth’, and it has “no recognized medical use in treatment in the USA”? That should be easy to answer as our representatives represent a state – Hawai’i – that has had legal medical marijuana for 13 flippin’ years!

3. What’s their position on me being denied my/our Right reasonable bail? What do they think of the Resolution “urging the feds to give me bail” and the one asking the President to investigate all the many judges and the prosecutor for violating my Constitutional Rights? These are hot political issues that deserve answers NOW.

4. Each of these representatives took the sacred oath of office “to support and defend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights against all enemies foreign or domestic” to get their job and their fat paychecks and the sweet benefits, political perks, our trust, etc. What are they doing about my/our Constitutional Right to reasonable bail being denied?

5. What do they think about reforming the unfair and excessive federal ‘mandatory minimum’ drug sentencing structure?

The WAR on marijuana is an “unjust war”. It’s a false-flag political / economic operation calling Cannabis hemp ‘marijuana’ to confuse “we the people” and benefit the few.

Who are the “moral leaders” in Hawai’i now? Where are they on these issues? Any ideas or answers?

The WAR on marijuana is a form of genocide – the systematic destruction of a cultural group. The hippies were wiped-out. It’s evil and it’s been going-on for WAY TOO LONG.

Where are our REPRESENTATIVES on all these issues? We deserve to know exactly where they stand. All of these people are already running for RE-ELECTION! They just started a few months ago and they’re already thinking long-term. WTFlip? Maybe we need to let it be known that they already suck at it from our point of view and “we the people” deserve BETTER? They zero answer any of our communications … what are we to think?

OK, in military terms; are each of these representatives might be either:

a. A.W.O.L. (Absent Without Leave – they snuck-away from the ‘war’; they’re sneaky), or they are

b. M.I.A. (Missing In Action by doing who-knows-what?) We don’t know what the flip they’re up-to, or theymight be

c. Deserters (traitors to the cause – a very serious charge – who actually fight against “we the people” on the WRONG side of the war!).

What are we to think? That they are working quietly FOR us and not telling us? Zero likely. It feels like we’re being slimed by them, sorry to say it and to feel it when we had such high hopes for each of them and wished them well at election time.

It feels like they are purposely HIDING to avoid taking a position. Some LEADERS! :-O “Zeroes, not heroes”. They need to be ‘outted’ in the newspapers and online soon. This is intolerable and irresponsible and unaccountable. Maybe they are domestic enemies to the Constitution/Bill of Our Rights and to their oath of office?

“Come-out, come-out, wherever you are!” Don’t be afraid, Congresspeople.

tick-tock-tick-tock …

I want to think highly of each of them, but they make it hard and almost impossible to do so at this point.

All the best to everyone,



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