You Can Help Roger Christie

Roger Christie in Hilo

Rev. Roger Christie: Over two years without natural sunlight.

    1. Write a letter or postcard to Roger. Roger has ZERO internet, Facebook, Twitter, etc. He only has Corrlinks which is a limited Email program. SnailMail is Roger’s fresh air and sunshine since he zero has access to outdoors at the Honolulu FDC. His address is:

      Roger Christie
      Federal Bureau of Prisons
      Unit 5A
      PO BOX 30080
      Honolulu, HI 96820

    2. Help with financial burden for Share Christie. Roger says, “I’m happy when Share’s happy and healthy. Please help us with a cash donation if it’s in your budget. My monthly commissary cost is approximately $300 per month. That allows for some commissary foods, limited contacts by monitored email, and some phone calls with Share each month. It makes inmate life so much more bearable, and helps to prepare our defense for motions and for this potentially historic trial. Mahalo plenty.”

      Donations can be sent to:

      Roger Christie
      Federal Bureau of Prisons
      Post Office Box 474701
      Des Moines, Iowa

      The deposit must be in the form of a money order made out to: Roger Christie 99279-22

    3. Print up and hand out the flyers. The master copy is on Facebook, on the page: “Liberate Roger Christie” Anybody can go there. Or you can write Sister Share at the address below (under #8) and she will send you masters.
    4. Visit the Last Marijuana Trial website:  on a monthly basis for our new blog, and let others know about it.
    5. Roger says silence equals consent: please write your congressperson and Sen. about Descheduling Cannabis (marijuana).
    6. Write a letter of support to Editors , of newspapers, about Roger Christie, or about how Cannabis (marijuana) must be removed from Schedule I.
    7. Write Letters of Testimony on how Roger has helped you or touched your life. Send them to: Rev. Roger Christie c/o Share Christie PO BOX 1643, Pahoa, HI, 96778 (Donations to directly help Sister Share may also be sent to this address)
    8. Support Cannabis Liberation organizations, online, in person, etc. Write, write, write!
    9. If you would like to make Roger’s life happy, send him a book through!
  1. BUY a TSHIRT from Hilo artist Tomas Belsky

    Buy a t-shirt from Hilo's iconic artist Tomas Belsky. Contact Tomas through his website for more information.

    Buy a t-shirt from Hilo’s iconic artist Tomas Belsky. Contact Tomas through his website at for more information.

  2. Support Roger and Share by showing up at the Honolulu Federal Court House on July 29th and 30th at 10am, when their bid for a religious defense will be decided by Federal Court Judge Leslie Kobyashi. For more information, call Share at 808-753-8927.

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